Luna means moon or Satellite

Luna (English pronunciation: /ˈluːnə/) is an Italian given name of Latin origin meaning “moon”. It is also found as a surname, sometimes with a prefix, for example, de Luna or Deluna.
Local Origin  of  Name:  Native American
From the Latin  name  Luna
Meaning: ‘Moon’ or  ’satellite’
Emotional Spectrum  • Somewhat a rebel, she  must  control her impulses.
Personal Integrity • Her  good name  is her most precious asset.
Personality • The  world  was made  to enjoy, so enjoy  it!
Relationships • Gives a lot,  but  expects a lot  from friends.
Travel & Leisure • Always on the go, Luna takes life in the fast lane.
Career & Money • The  example of  parents plays  a major role  in career  choice.
Life’s Opportunities • Not  taken in by scams, people will seek Luna’s advice.
Luna’s Lucky Numbers:32  • 11 • 5 • 1 • 50  • 13

Luna Vachon

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