Mundo means a wise protector

This surname MUNDO is a name which is of two-fold origin. It was found in Longside, Buchan in Scotland
in the eighteenth century, and was probably originally from the old lands of Mundy (now Munday) near Aberdalgie in Perthshire. The burghs of Scotland owe much of their prosperity to the large immigration of foreigners which went on during the 12th and 13th centuries. The original founders of the towns, were in many cases wanderers from Flanders, who brought with them their habits of industry and knowledge of trade and manufactures. Settlers of this description came in great numbers to England in the reign of Henry I (1100-1135) and when Henry II (1154-1189) drove all foreigners out of his dominions they flocked
into Scotland, where a more enlightened policy made them welcome.It was also a baptismal name ‘the son of Monday’ a name given to a child born on this day. In Ireland the name is an Anglicization of Mac Giolla Eoin ‘the son of the servant of Eorin’. Early records of the name mention Simon Moneday who was documented in the year 1273 in Huntingdonshire. Walter Mundi appears in 1273 in County Cambridge. Edmund Moneday of Yorkshire, was listed in the Yorkshire Poll Tax of the year 1379. Thomas Gibbyns married Agnes Munday at St. James’s, Clerkenwell, London in 1584. A notable member of the name was Anthony Munday (1553-1633) the English poet and playwright born in London. He was a stationer and actor, and wrote many poems, pamphlets and plays, mostly in collaboration. He reported on the activities
of English Catholics in France and Italy, and was the pageant writer for London.
The name is also spelt MONDAY, MUNDY, MUNDIE and MUNDS.The arms were granted to Thomas Munday, son of William Munday, grandson of John Munday, younger son of Munday of Derby. Brother Thomas Munday, Prior of Bodmen, temp. Henry VIII settled in Cornwall about 1540 under the auspices of his brother the Prior. To the present day Peter John MUNDY married Carol TAYLOR on the 26th June

ARMS – Per pale gules and sable on a cross engrailed argent five lozenges purple on a chief or three eagles legs erased
a-la-quise azure

CREST – A wolf’s head erased sable bezantee fire issuing from the mouth proper

MOTTO – – DEUS PROVIDEBIT – God will provide

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