African name start with N


Nabulungi African F Beautiful one Luganda, Uganda
Naeemah African F To be carefree Arabic, North Africa
Nailah African F One who succeeds Arabic, North Africa
Najja African M Born after Muganda, Uganda
Nakisisa African M Child of the shadows Muganda, Uganda
Namono African F Younger of twins Luganda, Uganda
Nanyamka African F God’s gift Ewe, Ghana
Nassor African M Victorious Swahili, East Africa
Nathifa African F One who is pure Arabic, North Africa
Nayo African F She is our joy Yoruba, Nigeria
Ndale African M A trick Ngoni, Malawi
Ndulu African M Dove Tigrinya, Ethiopia
Neema African F Born during prosperous times Swahili, East Africa
Nehanda African F Strong and powerful Zezuru, Zimbabwe
Ngabile African F I have it Nyakyusa, Tanzania
Ngozi African F Blessing Ibo, Nigeria
Ngozi African M Good fortune Ibo, Nigeria
Njau African M Young bull Kikuyu, Kenya
Njemile African F Upstanding, honorable Yao, Malawi
Nkosazana African F Princess Xhosa, South Africa
Nneka African F Her mother is important Ibo, Nigeria
Nomalanga African F Sunny Zulu, South Africa
Nombeko African F Respect Xhosa, South Africa
Nomble African F Beauty Xhosa, South Africa
Nomusa African F Compassionate, merciful Ndebele, Zimbabwe
Nourbese African F Wonderful child Benin, Nigeria
Nuru African F To illuminate Swahili, East Africa
Nwabudike African M The son is the father’s power Ibo, Nigeria

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