India or Hindu Girls popula name start A4


Name •  Meaning
Anban •  Lovable
Andre •  Manly; Brave; Masculine; Warrior
Aneel •  Wind; White
Aneeq •  Valuable
Anees •  Close Friend; Companion; Genial; Intimate; Friendly
Aneka •  Voluminous
Anesh •  Smart One
Angad •  An Ornament
Angaj •  Son
Angak •  Son; Singer
Angel •  Messenger of God; Angel
Angus •  Unique Choice
Anhad •  Celestial Music
Anhil •  Uttpatti of Chauhan
Aniha •  Indifferent
Aniij •  Charming
Anika •  Grace; Favour; Apricot from Nara; Army; Brilliance; Form
Anila •  Wind; Air
Anili •  Descendant of Anila; Lord Hanuman
Anisa •  Supreme
Anish •  Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva; Supreme; Punctual
Anita •  Grace; Favour; Without Guile; Leader
Anjal •  Hollow Formed by Joining Two Hands
Anjan •  Eye Liner
Anjas •  Fort-right
Anjay •  Unbeatable
Anjor •  Bright
Anjul •  The One who Stays in the Heart
Anjum •  A Token; Stars
Ankal •  Whole; One who has No Illness
Ankan •  Marking
Ankit •  Conquered
Ankuj •  To Restrain; The Conqueror; Ankuj is Exotic Name for Ankush
Ankur •  Sprout; New Life
Anmay •  One who Cannot Be Broken
Anmol •  Priceless
Annan •  From the Brook
Anokh •  Extraordinary and Wondrous; Unique; Wondrous
Anoop •  Without Comparison; Incomparable; The Best
Anosh •  Eternal
Anram •  Continuous
Ansar •  Friend; Patron; Supporter; Helper
Ansel •  God’s Protection; Follower of a Nobleman; God-helmet; Nobel
Anshu •  The Sun
Ansin •  Son of the Graceful One; Has a Share in the Property
Ansit •  No Limit
Antim •  Last
Antya •  Who Accomplishes
Anuha •  Satisfied
Anuhu •  Without Desire
Anuja •  Younger Brother
Anuka •  Ornament; Lying Close to
Anuna •  Not Inferior; Superior; Entire; Whole
Anupa •  Incomparable; Unequalled; Unique; Pond
Anusa •  Following Desires
Anush •  Sweet
Anuva •  Knowledge
Anvay •  Joined; Integration
Anvit •  Relation; Leader
Anwar •  Devotee of God; Lustrous; Shiny (moor); Brightest; Most Brilliant; More Radiant
Anzan •  Quiet Mountain
Apara •  Junior; Other
Appan •  One’s Own
Aprit •  Offering
Apupa •  Little; Honeycomb; Cake
Apurv •  Unprecedented
Aquil •  Wise
Araga •  Without Passion; Cool; Calm
Araha •  Son of Sun
Arali •  Crooked
Arana •  Lord of Laxmi
Araru •  Without Mercy
Arash •  A Hero; A Hero in Persian Folklore
Arasu •  Most Powerful Person of the World
Arati •  Being without Attachment
Arbad •  Masters; Lords
Arcat •  Shining; Praising; Brilliant; Glorious
Archa •  Pujan

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