India or Hindu Girls popular name start C1


Name •  Meaning
Cala •  Castle; Fortress; Most Beautiful
Cher •  Dear or Beloved
Chit •  Heart
Cora •  Maiden; Seething Pool
Cyra •  Moon
Cammy •  Young Girls who Assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies
Candi •  Clarity; Whiteness; Form of Candace; Glowing; Bright
Candy •  Bright; Sweet; Glowing White
Carla •  Fem Form of Carl
Carly •  Form of Caroline
Carma •  Garden or Field of Fruits; Song; Garden
Carol •  Song of Joy; Song of Happiness; Manly; Free Man; Form of Carolyne
Cathy •  Pure
Chaka •  A Lark
Chala • Tell us about your name meaning
Chami •  Good
Chane •  Name of a God; Dependability
Chann •  Beauteous; Beloved
Chara •  Quiet and Frisky
Charu •  Beautiful; Attractive
Chavi •  Daughter; Radiance; Shadow
Chaxu •  Eyes
Chaya •  Alive; Living; Lustre; Beauty
Cheri •  Beloved One; Dear; Variant of Cherie Dear One; Darling
Cheru •  Love
Chevi •  Ears
Chinu •  Golden Heart
Chira •  Permanently
Chiti •  Love
Chloe •  Green Shoot; Blooming; Bursting Forth
Chola •  Ancient Kingdom of North India
Chulu •  A Litle of Water to Suicide
Chuni • Tell us about your name meaning
Cilji •  Lovely Girl
Clare •  Bright; Shining; Clear; Famous; Form of Clara; Clear and Bright
Coral •  Pinkish Stones; Small Stone
Czaee •  Name of Flower
Calama • Tell us about your name meaning
Calida •  Warm and Loving
Candra •  Luminescent; Moon
Canisa •  Very Dear
Capala •  Swift; Lightning
Carina •  Beloved; Keel of a Ship; Pure; Dear Little One; Darling
Carmem •  Garden
Carmen •  Crimson or Red; Garden; Field of Fruit; Song; Garden Orchard; Son of Talmai; Variant of Carmel; Red
Carrie •  Melody; Song; Form of Carol; Manly; Female Version of Charles; Carl; Darling; Song of Joy
Caruvi •  Instrument
Cavery •  Name of a River in India
Cecily •  Blind One; Sixth
Celina •  Sky; Goddess of the Moon; Heavenly; Moon
Chaand •  The Moon
Chaaru •  Beautiful
Chaaya •  Shadow
Chabbi •  Picture
Chadna •  Love
Chahat •  Wish
Chahna •  Love
Chaina •  Peace
Chakku •  Knife
Chaman •  Garden
Champa •  A Flower
Chancy •  Goddess Lakshmi
Chanda •  Moon
Chandi •  Great Goddess
Chanel •  Name of the Famous Perfume
Chanti •  Peace
Charan • Tell us about your name meaning
Chardy •  A Burning Fire That Desires Love and yet is Always Alone
Charil •  Brightness
Charla •  From Charlotte; Little and Womanly; Female Version of Charles; Carl; Beautiful
Charme •  Attractive Beauty
Charmi •  Beautiful
Charmy •  Charming
Charul •  Beautiful
Charvi •  A Beautiful Woman
Charvy •  Beautiful Eyes
Chatri •  Umbrella
Chaula • Tell us about your name meaning
Chayla •  Fairy
Cheena •  Pure White Marble
Chelan •  Beautiful Lake
Chembi •  Name of Wooden Part
Cherry •  Cherry Fruit; Dear; Beloved; Form of Cheryl; Brotherly Love; Name of a Fruit
Chervi •  Wife of Kubera
Cheryl •  Beloved
Chetal • Tell us about your name meaning
Chetas •  Mind
Chetna •  Power of Intellect; Alert
Chhabi •  Picture
Chhavi •  Reflection
Chhaya •  Shadow
Chikku •  Sweet; Fruit
Chinar •  Maple Tree
Chinni •  Sweet
Chinnu •  Nice
Chippi •  A Pearl and Something Very Very Special
Chiran • Tell us about your name meaning
Chitra •  Picture; A Star; Name of a River
Chitta •  Mind
Chitti •  Butterfly
Choska • Tell us about your name meaning
Chukki •  Star
Chulin • Tell us about your name meaning
Chulli •  Cooking Fire
Chumki • Tell us about your name meaning
Chunni •  Star
Chunta • Tell us about your name meaning
Chunti •  A Small Ruby
Churni •  The Name of a River
Chutki •  Little One; Tiny Girl
Claire •  Bright; Clear; Famous
Corian •  Modern; Trendy; Full of Emotion
Corona •  Crown
Cyanea •  Sky Blue
Caitali •  Sharp of Memory
Caitlin •  The Celtic Form of Catherine
Camaksi •  Goddess Name
Camelia •  A Flower
Camilla •  Young Ceremonial Attendant; Helper to the Priest; Free-born; Noble; Variant of Camilla
Camille •  Swiftness of Foot
Camunda •  The Old Goddess who is Horrible to See with Her Necklace of Skulls; Her Eyes Full of Blood and Her Heavy Club
Candika •  Fierce Goddess
Candrii • Tell us about your name meaning
Carcika • Tell us about your name meaning
Carissa •  Tender Touch
Carlota •  Petite or Feminine
Carsani • Tell us about your name meaning
Catlina •  Pure
Cauvery •  Name of a River
Celeste •  Heavenly; Divine
Chaarvi •  Beautiful Girl; Sanskrit
Chahana •  Desire; Affection
Chaheti •  Lovely; Lovable for All
Chaitan •  Consciousness
Chaitna •  Sunflower Seed
Chaitra •  Aries Sign; 1st Month of a Year as Per Hindu Calender; Usually the Month of Ugaadi Festival
Chaitya •  Its a Buddhist Hindu Shrine in India
Chakori •  A Bird Enamoured of the Moon
Chakria •  Lakshmi
Chakshu •  Eyes
Chalama •  Goddess Parvati
Chalana • Tell us about your name meaning
Chalipa •  A Flower
Chalsia • Tell us about your name meaning
Chameli •  Jasmine; A Creeper with Flowers
Chamini • Tell us about your name meaning
Chandaa •  The Moon
Chandan •  Sandlewood
Chandee •  Name of a God
Chandni •  Moonlight
Chandra •  Moon
Chandri •  Moonlight; Illuminating
Changla •  Good
Channan •  Full of Fragrance Like Sandalwood
Chantal •  Stony Place
Chapala •  Restless; Lighting
Charani •  Goddess Saraswati
Charini •  Follower; Disciple
Charisa •  Elk
Charita •  Good
Charity •  Act of Kindness; Charity; Brotherly Love; Affection
Charula • Tell us about your name meaning

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