India or Hindu Girl’s popular name start H1


Name •  Meaning
Har •  To Steal
Hem •  Mehendi
Het •  Love
Hir •  Ranjha’s Lover
Hala •  Halo Around the Moon; Plough; Girlfriend; Great; Dazzling; Glorious; Lunar Halo; Glory; Golden; Female Friend; Sweetness; Outline of Brightness Surrounding a Full Moon
Hana •  Happiness; Flower; Blossom; Graceful; Merciful; Grace of God; Unexpected Fortune; Favourite; A Type of Flower; Felicity; Form of Johanna
Hani •  Droplet
Hanu •  Hanuman
Hara •  Princess; Seizer
Hari •  A Colour; Joy; Happiness
Hasi •  Laugh
Hasu •  Laugh
Havu •  Snake
Haya •  Modesty; Decency; Shyness; Shame; Life; Quick; Light
Hayi •  Alive; Living; Existence; Wish; Desire
Heba •  The Gift of God
Hedy •  Sweet or Pleasent
Heer •  Generous and Understanding
Heet •  Well Wisher
Hela •  Moonlight
Heli •  Sun
Hema •  Golden
Hemi •  Golden
Hena •  A Flower; Troubling
Hera •  Queen of Gods
Heta •  Battle
Heti •  Sun Ray
Hetu •  Noble
Hiba •  Gift; Present
Hida •  Present; Gift; Warrior; Friendly
Hila •  Name of a Bird; Sparrow-hawk
Hili •  Dancer
Hima •  Snow; Bindu
Hina •  Henna; A Shrub; Fragrance; Sword of the Finest Steel; Liver; Used for Denoting Closeness of Individual to Oneself
Hind •  Proper Name; India; Land of Hindus
Hira •  Diamond; Another Name for Lakshmi
Hita •  Lovable; Good Manners
Hiti •  Well-wisher
Hitu •  Well Wisher
Hiya •  Heart
Hiza •  Lucky
Homa •  Happy; Joyous
Hoor •  A Celestical; Virgin of Paradise; Nymph; A Virgin Maiden of Paradise for Its Dwellers
Huda •  Right Guidance; Another Name for Quran
Huma •  Bird of Paradise; Daughter of King Bahman and Mother of Darab; Gold; An Imaginary Bird
Huna •  Golden Necklace
Husn •  Beauty
Hyma •  Goddess Parvathi
Haala •  Aureole; Lunar Halo; Glory
Haasa •  Smile
Haiba •  Charm
Haifa •  Slender; Of Beautiful Body; Slim; Well-shaped; Delicate
Haima •  Goddess Parvati; Snow
Haimi •  Golden; Goddess Parvati; Snow
Haith •  Who Wants Good for Every One
Haiya •  Heart
Haleh •  Halo
Haley •  Hay Clearing; Hay Meadow; Field of Hay; Usually a Surname; Ingenious; Scientific; Ingenious or Scientific
Hamsa •  Swan Hamsavahini
Hamsi •  Swam
Hanan •  Mercy
Hania •  Grace; Favour; Apricot from Nara; Grain
Hanit •tell us about your name meaning
Hanka •  Grace; Favour; Apricot from Nara; Grain
Hansa •  Swan
Happy •  Cheerful; Joyful
Haral •  After Sunset Timing
Harda •  Lake
Hardi •  From the Heart
Harsh •  Happiness; Cruel
Harta •  Preserver
Harvi •  Fine
Hasas •  Happy
Hasia •  Smile
Hasna •  Laughing; Beautiful; Pretty
Hasri •tell us about your name meaning
Hasti •  Existence
Hasvi •  Laughter
Hasya •  Laughter
Havva •  Flower
Havya •  Beautiful; Hobby
Hayat •  Life
Hazel •  Hazelnut; A Nut-bearing Tree; The Hazel Tree; Nut; Colour of Sun Set; Reddish Brown
Heema •  Gold
Heena •  Mehendi; Henna; Myrtle
Heera •  Diamond
Heeva •  Beautiful Eyes
Heeya •  Heart
Hejal •  Fruit
Helan •  Similar to Helen
Helen •  Torch; Sun Ray; Shining Light; Wicker; Reed; Shoot; Basket; Most Beautiful Woman in the World; A Lady Attending on Imogen; The Bright One
Helli •  Light
Helly •  Rain Fall
Helna •  Lights
Hemal •  Golden
Hemli •  Good Sense of Humour
Henal •tell us about your name meaning
Henel •tell us about your name meaning
Henna •  Golden Creeper; Home Ruler; House Owner; Lord of the Manor; God was Gracious; God has Favoured Me; Mehendi
Heral •  Wealthy
Herho •  God-like
Hesha •  Love
Hessa •  Destiny
Hetal •  Friendly; Love
Hetsi •  Lovable
Hetty •  Diminutive Hester; Star; Myrtle Leaf
Hetvi •  Love
Hezal •tell us about your name meaning
Hibah •  A Gift from God; Gift
Hibha •  Strong Like a Elephant
Hilla •  Timid
Hinal •  Goddess of Beauty and Wealth
Hinda •  Female Deer; Doe
Hiral •  Lustrous
Hiran •  Deer
Hirat •  Loving Girl; Diamond
Hirni •  Doe
Hiroo •  Another Word for Diamond
Hirva •  Blessing
Hirwa •  Diamond
Hisha •tell us about your name meaning
Hitee •  Love and Care
Hiten •tell us about your name meaning
Hitha •  Who Wants Good for Every One
Hittu •  God
Hitul •tell us about your name meaning
Honey •  Sweet as Honey; Sweetheart
Honnu •  Golden; Gold
Hotra •  Invocation
Houri •  Fairy
Hrida •  Pure
Hruti •  Love
Husna •  Beautiful; A Belle
Huzra •  A Prudence
Hydra •  The Hydra in Heracles; Water; Feminine of Hydr
Habiba •  Form of Habib; Beloved One
Habita •tell us about your name meaning
Hadara •  Bedecked in Beauty
Hadiya •  Gift; Guide to Righteousness
Hafiza •  Protected
Halima •  Patient; Merciful; Poisonous; Gentle; Mannered; Kind
Hamara •  Our
Hamray •  Belonging to Us
Hamsii •tell us about your name meaning
Hamuda •  Desirable
Haneen •  Good Girl
Haneet •tell us about your name meaning
Hanifa •  True Believer; Pure
Hanika •tell us about your name meaning
Hanima •  A Wave
Hanita •  One who Rides a Swan; Saraswathi

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