Varunika name means goddess of rain in India


Local Origin of Name: India From the name Varunika Meaning: Goddess of Rain. same as Vasantha Emotional Spectrum • A swirl of conflicting emotions, Varunika, is a complicated person. Personal Integrity • In a world of deceit, Varunika stands for truth and integrity. Personality • Deeply religious, Varunika’s faith will be her cornerstone. Relationships • Doesn’t need much out of life but to be loved. Travel & Leisure • Loves to travel, and it shows! Career & Money • While finances are high on her list, money isn’t everything. Life’s Opportunities • A good educational background is the key to her success. Varunika’s Lucky Numbers: 10 • 17 • 21 • 47 • 31 • 27 Created By Firstnamestore.com

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