Benedict means blessed.in Italian and French most of Europe



Local Origin of Name: French

From the name Benoit

Benedikt (Czech), Benedictus, Ben (Dutch), Pentti (Finnish), Benoit (French), Bieito (Galician), Benedikt (German),Peni (Hawaiian), Benedek, Bence (Hungarian), Benedikt (Icelandic), Benedetto, Benito, Bettino (Italian), Benedictus (Late Roman),Bendiks (Latvian), Benedykt (Polish), Benedito, Bento (Portuguese), Benedikt (Russian), Benito (Spanish), Benesh (Yiddish)

       Meaning: Blessed. Benedict’s french form  

Emotional Spectrum His eyes betray his soul.

Personal Integrity  He would never betray a friend.

Personality • To the young at heart, everything’s fun.

Relationships The life of the party, Benoit feels comfortable in the spotlight.

Travel & Leisure • A lifetime of travel is his destiny.

Career & Money • The right job for him is within his grasp.

Life’s Opportunities Joy and happiness await this blessed person.

Benoit’s Lucky Numbers:    29 • 27 • 44 • 19 • 40 • 16

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