Anton name means highly praised


Anton Local Origin  of  Name:  English From the Latin  name  Anthony Antoine, Antwan (African American), Antoninus, Antonius (Ancient Roman), Andoni, Antton (Basque), Anton, Andon,Doncho (Bulgarian), Antoni (Catalan), Anton, Antonijo, Antonio, Antun, Ante, Anto, Tonči, Tonći, Toni (Croatian), Antonín (Czech),Anton (Danish), Anton, Antoon, Antonie, Antonius, Teun, Teunis, Theun, Theunis, Ton, Toon (Dutch), Antono, Anĉjo (Esperanto), Anton,Tõnis (Estonian), Anton, Anttoni, Toni (Finnish), Antoine, Antonin (French), Antón (Galician), Anton (German), Anakoni, Akoni (Hawaiian), Antal,Tóni (Hungarian), Antonino, Antonio, Antonello, Nino, Tonino, Tonio (Italian), Antanas (Lithuanian), Anton, Antonij, Andon,Doncho (Macedonian), Anton (Norwegian), Antoni (Polish), António, Toninho (Portuguese), Antônio (Portuguese (Brazilian)), Anton (Romanian),Anton (Russian), Antonije, Anto (Serbian), Anton, Tone (Slovene), Antonio, Toño (Spanish), Anton (Swedish), Anton (Ukrainian) Meaning: Roman clan name  used  as  first name. Priceless , highly praised.  Emotional Spectrum .Even on a winter day,  he  shines through! Personal Integrity .His personal ethics are uncompromised! Personality .Born to serve, you will find  Anton  active in the  community. Relationships .Though  not  many in number, his  friends are golden. Travel & Leisure .He will find  it hard to wind-down  on vacation. Career & Money .Investments made  early keep  Anton  comfortable in the golden  years. Life’s Opportunities .Only he  holds  the key to his  happiness. Anton’s Lucky Numbers:   8 .18 .2 .20  .24  .54 Anton is a given name in many European languages. It is a variant of the same root as Antonius or Anthony.

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