Jordon name means to flow down or to descend


In Arabic it is Urdunn, in Italian Giordano, in Spanish Jordán, in Portuguese Jordão, in Dutch Jordaan, in French Jourdain, in Irish Iordáin, in Romanian Iordan, and in Catalan Jordà. Local Origin of Name: English From the Hebrew name Jordan Meaning: (Yarden), ‘To descend’ Also the name of a river Emotional Spectrum • Must guard against infatuation that is not love. Personal Integrity • Parents of Jordon brought him up on firm moral ground. Personality • With his warm personality, he will go a long way. Relationships • A few close friends are all he needs. Travel & Leisure • A fondness for the mountains will emerge. Career & Money • A career in finance would suit Jordon. Life’s Opportunities • A go-getter, Jordon knows what he wants. ” Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths. ” Created By Firstnamestore.com

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