Pascal name means born on Easter


Pascal Local Origin of Name: French From the French name Pascal Variant name of : Pascale, Pascalle, Paschal, Paskal, Paschalis, Pascaline, Pasquale, Pascoale, Pascoal, Pasqual, Pascual, Pascoe, Pasco Meaning: ‘Easter child’ Emotional Spectrum • Somewhat a rebel, she must control her impulses. Personal Integrity • She will fight for her good name. Personality • Uses her natural resilience to cope with life. Relationships • Not an ‘open book’, it takes time to become her friend. Travel & Leisure • Her job supports her hobby! Career & Money • A career in teaching would suit Pascal. Life’s Opportunities • Not taken in by scams, people will seek Pascal’s advice. ” The only gift is a portion of thyself. ” Created By Firstnamestore.com

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