Avery name means peaceful


Fred Local Origin  of  Name:  English From the Middle  English  name  Frederick Variant name of :  Frederick,Fico, Averie, Fred, Alfred, Avery is a given name taken from Avery, an English surname that was itself derived from an Old French version of the name Alfred Meaning:   ‘Peaceful ruler’, ” Magical Counsel’ ‘Elf Ruler” Emotional Spectrum . An emotional bond  with  Fred is not  taken lightly! Personal Integrity . His honor  is well-known  among his  friends. Personality . All feel the effects of  true courtesy. Relationships . His friends will stand with  him through thick and  thin. Travel & Leisure . Eat, drink  and  be  merry – play hard! Career & Money . A career in business management would suit Fred. Life’s Opportunities . Only he  holds  the key to his  happiness. Fred’s Lucky Numbers:15 . 37 . 1 . 34 . 6 . 31

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