Dorcas name means Gazelle in Hebrew


Dorcas name means Gazelle in Hebrew Local Origin of Name: English From the Aramaic name Tabitha Meaning: ‘Gazelle’ Acts 9:36 Emotional Spectrum • A human dynamo of emotions! Personal Integrity • Her personal ethics are uncompromised! Personality • To be useful is her greatest virtue. Relationships • People like Dorcas because of her personality. Travel & Leisure • Although she enjoys her home, far-away lands hold interest. Career & Money • Dorcas knows how to balance career and family. Life’s Opportunities • Volunteer work with charities may be rewarding for her. ” Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, wealth and riches are in his house. ” Created By Firstnamestore.com Please Review  Ethnic Origin name lists. If you can’t find name in here email to us. Please advise us about name meaning also. sung@nydob.com

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