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Abia name means Great


Abia name means Great Local Origin of Name: Arabic From the Hebrew name Abia Meaning: Great Emotional Spectrum .Life was meant to enjoy, is the key emotion here. Personal Integrity . A solid family background keeps her on solid moral ground. Personality . Born to serve, you will find Abia active in the community. Relationships . People like Abia because of her personality. Travel & Leisure . Although she enjoys her home, far-away lands hold interest. Career & Money . Not one to Keep up with the Jones. Life Opportunities . Open to new friends and ideas, she is a person of today! Abia’s  Lucky Numbers: 48 . 25 . 12 . 14 . 29 . 21  

  • Abia was the name given by Josephus of an Arab king who invaded Adiabene.
  • Defeated by King Izates bar Monobaz, Abia committed suicide rather than face disgrace and capture.

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