Pericles name means surrounded by glory


Pericles name means surrounded by glory Local Origin of Name: Greek From the name Pericles From the Greek name Περικλης (Perikles), which was derived from the Greek elements περι (peri) “around, in excess” and κλεος (kleos) “glory”. This was the name of a 5th-century BC Athenian statesman and general. Meaning: Surrounded by glory Emotional Spectrum • An emotional bond with Pericles is not taken lightly! Personal Integrity • Nothing can buy his good name. Personality • A closed mouth catches no flies. Relationships • Long term friendships come easily to Pericles. Travel & Leisure • Who better to travel with than Pericles? Career & Money • The right job for him is within his grasp. Life’s Opportunities • Early childhood opportunities in education will benefit him. Pericles’s Lucky Numbers: 24 • 51 • 46 • 48 • 2 • 38 Created By Firstnamestore.com Please advise us about name meaning also. sung@nydob.com Find out more name in our sites

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