Zeinab name means a bright pledge


Zeinab name means a bright pledge First and last name (also spelled as Zenab, Zeynab, Zeyneb, Zainab, Zeineb, Zainub, Zejneb,Zeynib, Zejneba, and Zaeneb Zeynep) is an Arabic female given name. It means a ‘Desert Flower’ or ‘an ornamented tree”. Local Origin of Name: Arabic From the name Zeinab Meaning: A bright Pledg, Desert Flower Emotional Spectrum .Doesn’t hide emotions well. Personal Integrity .Zeinab is the height of respectability. Personality .A merry heart goes all day. Relationships .Not many people are as open as Zeinab. Travel & Leisure .Adventuresome in spirit, always on the move. Career & Money .Early school tutoring will help Zeinab blossom. Life’s Opportunities .Politics is an opportunity not to be missed by Zeinab. Zeinab’s Lucky Numbers: 9 .17 .51 .23 .34 .31 Find out more name in our sites. Send us your name meaning and origin. Sung@nydob.com A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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